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Reliable Relamping, Inc. was founded to provide turnkey solutions for the lighting maintenance needs of various facilities, ranging from manufacturers to large national retailers. From the small beginnings of one truck and five employees, Reliable Relamping, Inc. has grown into a national lighting provider. With more than 150 employees, 40 lighting vehicles, and 60 aerial lifts, we are thoroughly equipped to supply customers of any size with quality lighting services.

Our many services offered include Group Relamp, Scheduled Lighting Maintenance, Retrofitting, LED & Exit Sign Retrofitting, Lamp Recycling, and other electrical lighting projects. Today, our customers range from regional to national retailers, including 6 of the top 30 U.S. retailers. We currently provide service to over 1300 locations covering the Midwest region and an additional 200 locations across the nation.



Schedule Lighting Maintenance

Reliable Relamping, Inc. currently provides scheduled maintenance services to over 1200 locations in the United States. The schedule maintenance program can be designed specifically to fit your lighting needs. Monthly, quarterly, annual or on-call maintenance programs are available to ensure your interior and exterior lighting needs are accomplished. This program can be incorporated with a Group Relamp program or performed as an independent service. By keeping an extensive mix of materials on our service trucks, we are able to complete most service calls on the first trip.

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Group Relamping

Reliable Relamping, Inc. works with our customers to provide a proactive maintenance strategy to maintain higher light levels and reduce maintenance costs. Group Relamping is a program that periodically restores the lighting system to new by completely replacing all the lamps at a particular point in the lamps life cycle. By replacing all the lamps at one time, the labor costs are greatly reduced because economies of scale eliminates the redundancy of replacing lamps as they burn out.

Group Relamping also provides additional benefits to our customers. Group Relamping will prevent or eliminate the unsightly checkerboard appearance often caused by installing different temperature lamps during spot relamping. In addition, by replacing all lamps at once results in a consistent replacement schedule, minimizing burnouts, and allowing a predictable expense when budgeting.


Reliable Relamping provides retrofitting services that utilize advanced lighting technology to help our customers move to the forefront of superior green lighting technology. The benefits of retrofitting are many, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption and costs

  • Improved light quality

  • Energy savings up to 50% through the use of advanced technology

  • Opportunity to pursue utility rebates and tax deductions

  • Return on investment of 2-3 years

  • Reduced toxic fossil fuel pollution

Invest in your lights. Invest in your future. Reliable Relamping will be there to help every step of the way. 

Additionally, Reliable Relamping provides multiple electrical services across the Mid-West, including on-demand service, preventative maintenance, and roll-outs. We service retail and commercial locations in nine different states. Our dedicated professionals work hard to ensure our customers' operations stay powered up and safe.

Electrical Wiring
 Electrical Services

Reliable Relamping, Inc. provides electrical services including on-demand and preventive maintenance, Energy Management System service and installation.

We service retail, manufacturing, commercial and food service companies across the U.S. Our conscientious professionals get the job done with quality work, done quickly, every time.

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Last year we recycled over 1 million lamps.  We guarantee the recycling we do is handled in accordance with all state and federal regulations


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Employment Opportunities

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